Jermaine’s Testimonial

Give a Little and Give for Good!

“I am working towards becoming a Leader and love coming to the Hickok Center”. Words spoken by Jermaine a participant at the Hickok Center. Jermaine, has grown tremendously during his time here and although he still has goals that he is trying to achieve he has come to embody a peer role model for our other participants. Jermaine tells us that he enjoys showing new peers around and what they can do while at the center and although, he still tends to be shy while out in the community here at the Hickok Center Jermaine is quite accomplished. Running the Sports Talk Group, Assisting with the Football brackets, Attending Tool Time & Making it on Mondays while also taking a turn to run Morning Meeting when possible. “I like attending a lot of different outings…I get to go to places in the community that I normally won’t get a chance to do…as for socialization…I have made a lot of friends at the Hickok Center.” Jermaine’s Testimonial is here for you to watch today and please consider continuing to support us through this GoFundMe Campaign so we can work with individuals like Jermaine who can have the life they desire with our help.



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A Hickok Thanksgiving

Give a Little & Give for Good

Our Annual Hickok Thanksgiving was a HUGE success yet again!! Although it looked a little different this year (last year we had 51 people!) that didn’t stop the FUN or the AMAZING Food!

We want to wish all of you a Happy and Safe Turkey Day!!

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Give a Little and Give for Good


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Give a Little and Give for Good

The link below is a video from one of our past interns, Karina.  Karina is one of many interns that the Hickok Center welcomes into their programs.  They come with fresh ideas, positivity, and determination.  Over the years we have partnered with numerous colleges and universities such as Nazareth College, Keuka College, SUNY Brockport, University of Rochester, SUNY Geneseo and most recently D’Youville College.  These relationships offer an array of disciplines that our participants benefit from tremendously.  Each year we have Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Social Work and Psychology students that pass through our doors.  Over the years many of these internships often turn into employment opportunities and these students utilize their experience at the Hickok Center as a stepping stone into  their developing careers.  Even our very own Jenna DiPasquale (Employment Specialist/QA), Taylor Chilluffo (Structured Day Program Supervisor), and Kathryn Flanagan (Interim CEO), all proud SUNY Brockport Alumni, got their start at the Hickok Center as interns.

Give a Little and Give for Good!

Give a Little and Give for Good

Please allow us to introduce you to Matt. Matt came to the Hickok Center after recovering from several strokes he experienced over a course of several years. Cognitive challenges such as short-term memory loss, difficulty with information processing, problem solving and effective communication have had a significant impact on Matt’s life. As a member of the Hickok Center, Matt has developed strong and lasting friendships, as well as strategies to help him manage the challenges he experiences as a result of his brain injury. The support that Matt receives allows him the ability to live within and remain involved in the community that he loves. Matt was recently quoted as saying, “I think things are continuing to go well, I am glad to be in the community and not a nursing home”. We are glad for you too Matt!

Please donate to the Hickok Center today and help support Matt and other survivors of brain injury and neurological challenges.

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