Day Program

The Hickok Center for Brain Injury’s Structured Day Program is designed for people over the age of 18 who have sustained a brain injury. Through the daily operation of the Center, participants learn compensatory strategies to help build strengths in areas such as: concentration and memory, organizational skills, task completion, etc. Many participants participate in activities that require schedule planning and record keeping. In the flexible pace of the environment, participants have time to develop functional living skills, social confidence and friendships. Each month, participants plan the calendar of events that include community outings, arts and crafts projects, computer activities in our state of the art computer lab, exercise in our fully equipped gym and many other activities chosen to assist and support community re-integration and independence in daily living.


Participants come to the Hickok Center with specific short and long term goals for recovery and beyond. Through participation in chosen Center activities, each participant works on his or her goals toward achieving individual outcomes. Graduate level Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy and Art Students from Nazareth College have been a significant part of the Hickok Center for several years and support participants in communication challenges, physical therapy goals and expressing themselves through art therapy.

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Activities required for maintaining and planning for the organization, such as building maintenance, receptionist coverage, meal planning, purchase and preparation are only a few of the responsibilities shared among participants and the small core group of staff. Regardless of the activity, the focus is on facilitating the independence of participants.

The Day Program staff includes Lorren Brown, Full-time Mentor; Emanuel Soto, Full-time Mentor; Jessica Pakusch, Part-time Mentor; and Necia Petrucelli, Part-time Mentor. As well as several Relief Staff and Volunteers.


For an admission application or more information, please contact the Hickok Center at (585) 271-8640.