Service Coordination

Our Service Coordinators are responsible for assisting participants and together they implement a plan that meets the participants goals. Our Service Coordinators may assist individuals in coordinating and monitoring all services that the person receives. Services may include Medicaid State Plan services, non-Medicaid federal, state and locally funded services, as well as educational, vocational, social, and medical services. The goal is to increase the participant’s independence, productivity and integration into the community while maintaining health and welfare of the individual. The Service Coordinator is an effective advocate for the participant to ensure the participant is receiving appropriate and quality services from all providers.

The Service Coordination staff includes Lisa Walzer, Service Coordination Supervisor; Jessica Oliver, Service Coordinator; and Corinne Frank, Service Coordinator.


For an admission application or more information, please contact Lisa Walzer, Service Coordination Supervisor, at (585) 271-8640 extension 102.